About Me

I am a tree hugging, peace loving, belly dancing yogini. At the moment I am living in Ghana learning about life, love, language, culture and most importantly – myself. 🙂

3 responses to “About Me

  • Bronwyn

    Hey girl, great to see you blogging! I love beading as well, had a long encounter with giardia and vow to never be friends again with that #@$#@$% lol. I just bought some great anti parasitic herbs from Paula Geraghty here in Darwin, as we’re off to India in 10 days time.
    I love technology and how it keeps us all connected 🙂 – oi have you used http://www.ipadio.com its pretty amazing stuff that allows you to record a phone blog from a mobile phone anywhere in the world – FREE – there are 50 free dial in numbers, you just need to be with a provider who has good coverage – optus in NT is a big NO NO hahaha. anyway, if you’re interested, let me know what you think of it will you? I can’t help but wonder what a powerful community development tool something like that can be. once the recording has been uploaded, people all around the world can log on and listen to the recording in whatever language desired, and beat this, it translates to text – so another educational tool as well. Phew! hope I got you excited about it and that you might find some use for it.
    much love and light as always

    • aussieghana

      Hey Bron, thanks for the comment. I hope you have a wonderful time in India, I am yet to get there but will one day. I haven’t used that program but it sounds great, I will check it out for sure. Love and light…xx

  • Michelle Bailey

    Hi again, good blog! So whats the long term plan with Africa? I loved it there when I first went in 1995. My husband’s parents and greandparents were born there. Both sides of his family for over 300 years although they are genetically and originally from Gurjarat in India.
    He spent every summer in Mombassa as a child from London. Would love to hear what you’re up to over there.
    Safe travels!

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