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So I bought a whole bunch of beads today.

Some of the beads I bought today

I have long been wanting to explore my creative side. I can’t draw or paint, and not many other crafts interest me, so I have decided to try my hand at beading. I went to the Abogloshi markets this morning with a friend who has an entire room dedicated to her passion for beading, and she had kindly agreed to take me along and give me some hints and tips as to what to buy to start my new hobby. I thoroughly enjoyed myself buying all sorts of gorgeous African beads and the necessary accessories and tools to begin. Afterwards we went back to her place for lunch and a lesson in the basics of beading. I am now sitting here looking at my pile of beautiful beads, the creative juices flowing and brimming with enthusiasm for what I am hoping will be the beginning of an exciting and interesting new passion for me.

Now it’s not that I haven’t tried other creative pursuits, it’s just that somehow that initial enthusiasm well, kind of disappears. I am now reminded of some of my previous hobbies that never quite made it. There was the hook rug that was so close to being finished; the size two ninja turtle cross stitch t-shirt that is ninety percent complete, which was for my now twenty four year old son; the cross stitch sampler I started for my mum – twenty one years ago; the decoupage, cottage crafts, soap making, cosmetic making, basket weaving, door mat printing, tie dying, wreath making, sewing….to name a few.

But this time I am sure! I am sure bead making will be it, I just know it will.

Best check back with me in six months time and see how I’m going – I might have some beads and tools going cheap, but then again… 🙂

More beads

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